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If you have no specific student Priest to help, you may instead help Priests from all regions by contributing to the operations of the Collegio Filippino in Rome:

please click here.

The following precedence will be followed in covering the students’ estimated needs per year…

  • board and lodging: around $9,000 for October to June school year, plus whatever is needed in case of July to September summer stay
  • health insurance: $200
  • residence permit: $200
  • bus pass: $300
  • university tuition fees: $5,000
  • books and pocket money: up to $300 a month for the current October to September school year, for the months he is here at the Collegio

These approximate amounts are really low compared with American standards. Additional funds raised will be reserved for the Diocese’s next student at the Collegio within five years (after which excess funds will be used for the Collegio’s general needs).

To request Masses to be celebrated for you, please select and click on a Priest’s name (especially those near your region) and from there contact him directly.