Scholarship Fund to support our Filipino Priests doing further studies in Rome…

Our Bishops in the Philippines send some Priests for further studies in Rome, to train specialists in the different areas of the Church’s service. Their usual scholarships cannot fully cover the expenses of Collegio Filippino, the residence providing them a Home in Rome.

Meanwhile, the Vatican has to assist other countries which fall under the mission territories, especially in Africa and the rest of Asia, for projects supporting education, feeding programs, water supply, seminaries, health care, emergencies due to wars and calamities, etc.

The Philippines on the other hand has been a Christian country for more than 500 years. The Church in the Philippines and successful Filipinos worldwide are encouraged to help rather than expect to receive funds that are needed in poor countries, where Catholics are a mere minority and the Church is not that well developed yet.

Given that student priests are always unable to cover the Collegio’s operational expenses, you are most cordially invited to help so that, (1) our poor student Priests could contribute the full amount through their TEAM or INDIVIDUAL portals, and (2) the Collegio Filippino could be further assisted as a whole through the GENERAL CAMPAIGN.

A donation of $20 to $50 a month will go a long, long way. Your contributions are tax-deductible in the USA, and an email will automatically be sent to you. Please ask members of your family or organizations, as well as other friends, to help as well.

Click here for more information and to donate via the Scholarship portals.