Philippine dioceses need to build scholarship funds to allow them to send Priests for further studies in Rome. Any little gift will mean a lot. Every diocese needs priests with specialized training, to serve the different ministries back home.

After two to four years of studies in Rome, their Bishop will assign them to the Seminary and other ministries, to help train future Priests, as well as our lay leaders. 

Be sure to indicate your chosen Diocese at the bottom of the donation form, and specify the priest’s name (if any) in the Memo field; otherwise, your donation will support the Collegio‘s general needs. You will be sent a tax-deductible receipt through the email address you indicate in the donation form.

By donating you agree to the scholarship mechanics and details below. Though they mostly refer to students doing the licentiate or doctorate degrees (two to four years), they may also be adapted to support those doing sabbatical programs (few weeks to months).

For large donations, you might wish to avoid credit card charges – click here for other ways to give. Please contact us for questions.

Scholarship Mechanics and Details

A. Dioceses and friends may use this portal to raise scholarship funds for Priests they send to Collegio Filippino.

  1. For each Priest they send, the Diocese should ideally contact at least 12 friends in the US willing to raise $100 a month (either from their own pockets, or for example, by groups of 5 persons giving $20 each a month). Friends in the Philippines may give P5,000 a month, those in Europe €100 a month, and those in other countries, an equivalent amount.
  2. Both Priest and lay friends, as well as religious and civic groups, may help in this endeavor. You may download the Scholarship Sheet below to facilitate this, and which you may give out, for example, to some parishes, or professionals in the Philippines, US and Europe, etc., for a total of 12 sheets.
  3. In this manner, around $1,200 would be collected each month, or $14,400 a year, enough for one Priest’s stay at the Collegio.

B. How will the funds be applied? Funds raised through this portal will be converted into Euros and used for student Priests in the following order (approximate in Euros, not Dollars):

  1. € 2,200 => summer Italian classes board and lodging (newcomers only)
  2. € 1,250 => summer Italian tuition fees (newcomers only)
  3. € 7,000 (€8,000 for non-Filipinos) => annual Collegio board and lodging (NOTE: as a concession, the first year’s board and lodging may be paid towards the end of studies, that is, after paying the final year’s item no. 7)
  4. € 150 or € 390 (depending on visa type) => annual Medical Insurance (January 1 to December 31)
  5. € 130 => annual residence permit (permesso di soggiorno)
  6. € 3,000 => annual University tuition (actual amount will be applied)
  7. € 250 => annual bus pass
  8. € 2,000 => annual pocket money, books, etc. This would be allotted only if there is an assurance that the above (1-5) would be fully covered by the end of the current school year (though still maintaining the NOTE for no. 3 above).
  9. Note that if the Diocese has two or more Priests at the Collegio, the above order would still be applied, simultaneously: that is, starting with the board and lodging of the two or more Priests, then their Medical Insurance, and so on.

C. Requirements, Scope and Limitations:

  1. Any other scholarship fund granted to the Priest (whether from agencies or individuals not passing through this portal) will be used first for the items above, while collections from this portal will be used to cover the amounts lacking. After fully covering all the items listed above, additional collections will be applied to the Diocese’s next Priest.
  2. Priests should be within the usual time frame for studies, unless some medical reason has caused the delay: (a) Licentiate 2-4 years, depending on the course, and (b) Doctorate at most 4 years. Otherwise, collected funds will be applied to the Diocese’s next Priest.
  3. On June 30 of each year, Priest beneficiaries will write a formal letter of gratitude (signed, scanned and emailed, not printed) to Friends of the Collegio, with a brief overview of their stay at the Collegio as a residence for priestly ongoing formation, and an update as to their academic performance (including grades), status and plans.
  4. Funds donated to a Diocese but not used for more than 5 years will be transferred to the Collegio‘s General Scholarship Fund, and can no longer be claimed by the Diocese. Donors should be aware of this, and should donate with this intention as well. Since a Philippine province may have more than one Diocese, and a Diocese may cover more than one province, Donors kindly make sure that you indicate the correct Diocese below (asking your Bishop or Priests if needed).
  5. Friends of the Collegio and Pontificio Collegio Filippino will give an annual report to the Bishop of each Diocese with friends using this portal, including the donors’ names and available contact information, the amounts raised, and an overview of the student Priest’s stay at the Collegio. The Bishop and his collaborators will make it a point to be connected with their Diocese’s donors using this portal.
  6. In case of questions, the Rector of the Pontificio CollegioFilippino, after hearing the other Collegio Priest Administrators, will decide on the matter, and his decision shall be deemed final.
  7. Using this portal means that the Dioceses and Donors agree to everything stated on this page.

You may also volunteer to help adopt a Diocese by coordinating friends. To do so, please print this Scholarship Sheet.