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From this simple website, you may assist our Filipino Priests sent by our Bishops to pursue further studies in the best Catholic universities in Rome, while residing and undergoing formation at the Pontificio Collegio Filippino (Pontifical Filipino College) — close to the Holy Father physically, spiritually and doctrinally.

Your donations will assure our Seminaries in the Philippines of a steady supply of professors and formators trained in Rome, and will help provide Priest specialists for the different Church ministries back home after their studies.  More information in this Collegio video:

Help build the Collegio‘s SCHOLARSHIP FUND, to cover board and lodging (around $10,000 a year per Priest), tuition fees ($5,000 a year) and health insurance ($200 a year) – amounts that are really low compared with American standards. Contribute to the Collegio‘s NEEDS IN GENERAL: operations, programs, maintenance, renovations, etc.

Card. Tagle suggests a monthly love offering, perhaps the equivalent of an hour of your salary. This way, without having to leave your place, you volunteer an hour to help our student Priests.

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“Friends of the Collegio” is registered as a 501c3 Charity organization in the State of Washington, so U.S. donations are tax deductible. Click here to help.

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