ADOPT YOUR HOME DIOCESE through Scholarships

Bishops regularly ask some Priests to do further studies, beyond the usual Bachelor’s in Philosophy and Master’s in Theology obtained before ordination. They undergo holistic ongoing formation at the Collegio Filippino in Rome, at the center of Catholicism, close to the Holy Father, under leading professors, learning foreign languages, while specializing academically.

All Filipinos and friends are cordially invited to “adopt” their Dioceses back home, by helping train Priests – who, after completing their Master’s or Doctorate, will serve in the Seminary, Biblical Apostolate, Catechesis, Tribunal, Church Communications, Interreligious and Ecumenical Dialogue, History, cultural Heritage (and diocesan archives), and so on.

To adopt your home Diocese:

1) Organize among yourselves 12 friends from anywhere in the US, Europe, Philippines, Canada, Australia or other countries, especially those originally from your home Diocese, and who are successful in their professions.

Explain to them that with 12 friends giving $100 each every month (or equivalent in Pesos, Euros or other currencies), you “adopt” your home Diocese, by allowing it to send a Priest for specialized training, as described above.

2) Through the donation form below, the twelve of you may each make the $100 donations separately, or together. At the lower part, select your Diocese back home in the Philippines, so that your donation can be properly credited to that Diocese in the Collegio‘s records in Rome.

Since you are adopting your home Diocese (rather than a student Priest), please start donations as soon as possible. This will make sure scholarship funds are available anytime, for the Diocese to send a Priest anytime as well.

If needed, as you and your friends build up your Diocesan scholarship funds, the Collegio may meanwhile shoulder the first year of your Priest’s board and lodging, to be reimbursed even towards the end of his studies. (Though with the present scheme, this will hopefully not even be necessary!)

For scholarship mechanics and details on how to help, please click here:

You may also contact the Collegio Rector for more information.

Please continue below to make the donation…