Gifts Attributes

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Gifts in Donorview are assigned the following four (4) attributes:

1. For => answers the question, “what is the general purpose?”; always indicate “For” in all gifts

  • Operations: for Collegio general needs; leave Fund blank (below)
  • Renovations: for Collegio facilities renovations and major repairs;
    leave Fund blank (below)
  • Scholarships: for a particular Diocese’s Scholarship Fund, or the Collegio general Scholarship Fund (studies two years or more); choose a Diocese in Fund (below), or leave Fund blank if donation is for the Collegio in general
  • Sabbatical or Short Courses: for a particular Diocese’s Sabbatical Fund (usually lasting from a week to a year); choose a Diocese in Fund (below)

2. Fund => answers the question, “more specifically, for whom is the amount allotted?”; depends on the For, above

  • If For (above) is Operations or Renovations, leave this Fund blank (since donation is for the Collegio in general)
  • If For (above) is Scholarships or Sabbatical: choose a Diocese, to add the donation to the Diocese’s funds (if no Diocese is chosen, the donation goes to the Collegio’s general Scholarship Fund).
  • (This way the amounts can still be totaled – for example, amounts for Scholarship or Sabbatical raised across several dioceses.)

As for Event and Appeal, choose only one or none (but never both):

3. Event => answers the question, “what activity was organized for friends to donate?”; include date and place in Event name; this could also be “Mailed Check” or “Handed w/o Event” (check or cash)

4. Appeal => answers the question, “in what feast were friends asked to donate?”; an “Appeal” is usually made online; include date or period in Appeal name


  • In the Gifts table (in Donorview), it would be best to group together the columns of the four attributes, after the donors’ names. This way the above parameters could be easily checked.
  • In the Gifts table in Donorview), there is a column to the left, which are actually filters – whether to Include or to Exclude certain items. Just focus on “Gift For”, “Funds”, “Events” and “Appeals”. For example, to filter Funds of a Diocese, click on “Funds”, then type the Diocese’s name.
  • (For better streamlining, these other attributes provided by Donorview are not yet used: Location, Family, Recognition Name, Fundraising Goal Category and Source.)