Emailed Check Images

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For emailed scanned checks:

1) Download the images of checks (if needed, extract and create a file for each check’s image), and save in the corresponding folder. Rename each check image to:

180928 De la Cruz G – check 50 – new doc 2018-10-08 09.24.26.pdf

That is:

* add the check’s date issued, then the family name (and initial for common family names):
180928 De la Cruz G

* put a dash (with spaces), then check and amount: “ – check 50

* then a dash and the original file name (for easier search in email):
new doc 2018-10-08 09.24.26.pdf

2) Open Donorview, then create or update the donor’s contact information,  and enter the gift information.

3) In Donorview, issue a receipt for each check, saving the receipt in the corresponding folder.

4) Send the receipt to each person with email, or if none, to their organization or the friend who approached the donor. Last resort is to send them via post office.