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A loving caring heart, and a praying helping hand — of friends assisting Filipino Priests sent by their Bishops for ongoing formation and further studies in Rome.


Burgundy, a deep, dark red, can be found in the Collegio Filipino’s central spiral staircase connecting all the floors. Many of the building’s tiles, bricks and other surfaces approach this color as well.

Burgundy symbolizes wealth, power and ambition, which in the case of Collegio Filippino are elevated to the spiritual realm: the spiritual treasures of God’s grace, the power to serve and to be the last, and the holy ambition to bring Christ’s message of love, joy, justice and peace to the whole world.

(Burgundy is reminiscent of wine produced in France’s Burgundy region. Its hex code is #800020.)



Souvenir Items for Friends:


Refrigerator Magnets

Ref magnets are reminders that Collegio Priests pray for you, our friends. They also remind you of our request to pray for our Priests. Please contact us if you wish to have one (indicating your name, mailing address, email and cellular phone).



Help spread the word by ordering them in bulk from:

[link coming soon…]

Right click on the image above to save it and send to the ref magnet producer when placing your order. You may kindly distribute the ref magnets to your friends for free, or have them delivered to:

Friends of the Collegio
1819 Ridgeview Ct.
Dupont, WA 98327 USA