How Will My Help Benefit the Church in the Philippines?

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Priests in Rome live close to the Holy Father physically, spiritually and doctrinally. They specialize in Theology, Philosophy, Canon Law, Sacred Scriptures, Liturgy, History, Communications, Patristics, and other fields, taking up either the Licentiate (a degree higher than the Master’s) or Doctoral degrees, for a period of generally two to four years. When they return to the Philippines, they handle the seminaries to train our future priests, and other specialized ministries of the diocese, such as the Tribunal, Biblical Apostolate, Media Office, Clergy continuing education, and so on.

As St. Pope John XXIII said when he blessed the Collegio in 1961:

“These buildings destined for the formation of your students in sacred sciences will be like channels by which Catholic life will be promoted among you, and the bond by which the Philippines, a Nation very dear to us, will more intensely be linked with the supreme Magisterium of the Church”.

FC responds to the call of the Archbishop of Manila, His Eminence Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle, to support the Collegio: